The owners.


Yes that's me, Meneka, the one in the middle.


Coming to own the Common Good store has been a long journey.

This is my first business. It's built on a passion for mainstreaming ethical consumption and striving to give people the opportunity to make decisions with their whole consciousness.


It's not possible to wander through our store and aimlessly put things in a trolley because three is cheaper than two (even though you only need one).


We live in the same neighbourhood as the store.


I believe the only way to build a business is to give generously, and that the single most important thing you do for your children is what you feed them. Every single time. Each day I remind myself that people have many options on where they spend their money, and each time someone chooses our store, I am grateful.


That's a tiny bit on me/us. I'm enjoying getting to know you too, be that our customers or online supporters.

local. ethical. organic. community.


Monday to Friday   9.00am - 6pm | Saturday  9am - 5pm Sunday 10am - 4pm